The Monaco Investment Corporation (MIC) is an offshore company established to lead a direct investment program focused on acquiring controlling positions in strategically imperative businesses around the world. The MIC is not engaged in any regulated financial activities in the principality of Monaco and is not open to private investors. The Investment corporation is a supranational vehicle founded by The Sovereign Trust to serve the needs of select sovereign and institutional investors.

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“The Monaco Investment Corporation will change the way sovereign wealth and private investors engage with large cap investments globally. The founders of Scepter and I have both reaffirmed our commitment to back this institution and we will proactively use our capital and relationships for its success. We believe in the financial initiatives and strong leadership of Scepter and we are confident that the MIC will grow into an institution for which we can all be very proud.”
-HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

“Their Highnesses and I are collectively committed to supporting Monaco becoming a major player in global direct investment and building value for stakeholders through the lens of sustainable development. We have absolute confidence in Scepter’s leadership and support the development vision of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.”

-HH Prince Abdul Ali Yil Kabier of Brunei